Our R&D Team consists of about 100 engineers of which 4 engineers have more than 40 years of experience and 40 engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the friction material area. They are extremely experienced and professional.  Our R&D Team have the ability to develop and produce advanced formulas according to the different needs of our customers and the market.

We particularly focus on formula development investment and the test unit capacity is improved every year. Two well-known international consultants from Japan and German were hired by our factory to develop the new formulas and to analyze how to improve the performance of our products and finally, deliver excellent goods to our customers. All these processes help us deliver advanced products at a very competitive price.

We have 8 Dyno test equipment which represents the leading position in the friction material industry. The Dyno test equipment allows us to study the brake action in an environment similar to the actual braking system. With this, we are able to identify any problems that may occur during the test process and find the best and effective solution. Additionally, we can apply this advanced equipment during new formula verification, production inspection, and testing of new products. This process enables us to deliver the best products to our customers.

Test Capability

We have the following 8 Dyno test equipment:

  • New formula verification: When a new formula is designed, we can use the Dyno to test if the formula meets the requirements of our customers in terms of its braking power, noise performance, working life and performance under various conditions. The Dyno is able to test the brake system as if in a real car environment.
  • Production inspection: This process tests the brake pad to ensure its performance is perfect.
  • New test procedure testing: When there are new standards released, we can check whether our products and equipment meet the requirement.
  • Brake action study: This process studies the performance of brake pads when braking under different conditions like different speeds, different temperatures etc. This is to ensure the brake pad has a good braking power, reduced noise, long working life and a stable performance.

All the Dynos have the similar functionalities that provide us the equipment to study the braking performance of our brake pads. Since the climate and road conditions are different from country to country, the imported Dyno gives us the opportunity to test brake pads under various conditions (different temperature, humidity, road condition etc.) and also test the noise performance. All these enable us to test the brake pads according to different testing standards.


Vehicle Test Equipment:

Before a new formula is introduced to the market and finally used by our customers, they must undergo this final process of vehicle test / road testing. This means the brake pad using the new formula would be installed in the car to test its performance. In this way, we have an understanding of the performance of the new formula and check if they can satisfy the needs of our clients.