Material and Formulation Research

Asimco has a strong and talented staff base to run new product development at full capacity. Specialists from Japan and Germany come here to guide and train Asimco staff in their research and development which has further improved the product quality and technology.

Incoming Material Test

Raw materials or metal parts are inspected before using. This ensures the quality and stability of raw material processed.

Sample Test

Asimco R&D team performs a variety of tests such as CHASE test, constant speed test, porosity test, medium resistance test, T-pull test, corrosion resistance test, thermal expansion test and compressibility test to verify and ensure the new formula’s quality and performance.

Dynamometer Test

Asimco R&D team use the Dynamometer test to measure the performance of brake pads/shoes and optimize the selection of types and properties of friction material from the analysis of test data.

Road Test

The Asimco R&D team use local vehicles for specific road testing of the brake materials to confirm if the brake material is perfect for a real-life application.